About Us

In 2017 when Ossare first opened its entryways, a custom of magnificent Service, Quality, and Value was conceived. As the years passed, that convention turned out to be increasingly more settled in by they way we approach our business.
Ossare recognizes that the present clients are progressively refined and that preferences are increasingly individualized. So as to give these clients the most abnormal amount of administration, we offer a cutting edge shop fit for making only the correct piece for your pieces or our own.
For more than 5 years, Ossare has been giving our clients extraordinary items supported by unrivaled administration. With its rich convention of value and minding, Ossare anticipates many more years of administration to clients who have a profound regard for quality, a hunger for information and a craving for a confiding in association with an extremely customized firm. It is our longing that our site will proceed with that convention. We here at Ossare are located at 4 Pickering Place, Dix Hills NY, 11746. Please contact us at support@ossare.com with any questions regarding your purchase.